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“A practical, high-end and well crafted athletic bag. You will love the streamlined design and seemingly unlimited space.”

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Convenience meets style, meets durability when describing the carrier. Those looking for a practical, high- end, and well crafted athletic bag will love the streamlined design and seemingly unlimited space that the Baller’s Bag provides. For the working or tech- savvy athlete, the bag’s padded and TSA checkpoint friendly pocket fits an iPad/Tablet or a 15 to 17- inch laptop. This makes it easy to travel from the workplace to the gym without making multiple stops home or to your car. The state- of- the- art bag comes from the designer of the number one selling Swiss backpack and differentiates itself with a one- of- a- kind mini tote carrier to fit almost any sports ball on the go, as well as the ability to fit up to a size 22 men’s shoe.

While the Baller’s Bag is intended as an athletic bag, I have found it to be an excellent travelling bag as well.

I have personally used the Baller’s Bag for out of town travels and it has came in very handy to bring along all of my essentials as well as allowing easy access to my laptop and tablet when needed.

I will warn you that this is a BIG backpack. The Baller’s Bag will definitely get people’s attention when you’re carrying it.

My one complaint about the bag is that the straps are very wide and a bit rigid, so it takes some breaking in to get them semi-comfortable.

Overall I love this backpack and it has become my new out-of-town companion.

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