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“The Baller’s Bag is a backpack that has a ton of fabulous features”

Basketball Backpack for Student Athletes

Basketball Backpack

Although my kids are only in first and second grade, they’ve already got a full slate of activities.  It’s amazing to see how much equipment small children need for athletic activities – they’ve got bathing suits and goggles for swimming lessons, leotards and sweatpants for gymnastics,soccer balls, cleats, and shin guards for soccer, gloves, bats, and helmets for softball/T-ball, and basketballs for basketball.  That’s a lot of gear!

Carrying around all that gear isn’t easy, especially when I have two kids in the same activities.  So, when I learned about the new Baller’s Bag from Precision, I thought it would be a great option for my kids to tote along their gear.  The Baller’s Bag is a backpack that has a ton of fabulous features – here are some of the most essential features:

  • Holds a pair of shoes (men’s size!)
  • Includes a Mini Tote that holds a ball and can be attached separately and removed
  • Fits most laptops up to 17 inches
  • Two water bottle mesh pockets to hold bottles for both kids
  • Pocket for iPad or other tablet
  • Interior zipper pocket
  • Airflow back padding

It’s difficult to explain in words exactly how roomy this bag is.  It could easily be used as a carry-on bag for travel, but doesn’t appear to be overly bulky.  It can fit a laptop, workout clothes, shoes, a full-sized ball (basketball, soccer, or football), and two water bottles.  It’s great for a travel game, or even a vacation with your favorite sports gear.  The bag is very well-made and incredibly durable.

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