Swiss Precision™, is a design and manufacturing company with a primary focus on solving complex consumer product problems, for the following variety of lifestyles and innovations in the following industries: Holistic Health, Medical, Sports, and LuxMedi Fashion. Our main goal and mission are to set the bar of excellence the Swiss way.

Swiss Precision invented the world’s first unique CopperActive™ embedded copper and organic fabric (Cotton, Bamboo, Hemp, Linen), combining superior comfort, fit, and light weight durability with all the natural benefits of copper. Swiss Precision CopperActive™ products are ideal in support of all doctors, nurses, and essential front-line workers in medical, while at work, with their highly active day, and all their daily tasks.

This new patented material provides our front-line workers and essential workers in many industries with these unique copper embedded mixed materials. We will change the industry standards for medical clothing and fashion accessories in these marketplaces. At the same time the customers can look fashionable and with the technology in the materials.

The Swiss Precision logo is a trademark in Switzerland, allowing us to bring innovations, craftmanship, high-quality, and unique designs that surpass the customer expectations. Hence, why the Swiss cross with over 100 years of excellence has stood up to its reputation as the best in the world. Swiss Precision has followed this formula and mantra.

Enjoy our products and services as they enhance your life.

Swiss Precision will bring this unique combination of copper embedded DNA technology with organic materials for a medical apparel marketplace that is growing year-after-year by 5.6% and is already a billion dollar industry!